The network leaked the second trailer for “Venom 2” with a hilarious symbiote and a serious Tom Hardy

A second trailer has been leaked to the net «Venom 2» With a poking fun at the symbiote and a serious Tom Hardy

In early September, the long-awaited premiere of the film «Venom 2», Who has been repeatedly transferred because of the pandemic. So far, Sony has only released one trailer for the sequel to the comic book symbiote, but another video has already been leaked online, where the director and lead actors talk about the film.

In the leaked video, you can see new footage of Tom Hardy. His character Eddie Brock doesn’t get along well with Venom, and they constantly fight and even fight. In one scene, Brock shakes hands with his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, while Venom in turn slaps the hubby.

Director Andy Serkis notes that a sequel will be built on the uneasy relationship between Venom and Brock. But at some point, Karnage, played by Woody Harrelson, will take the stage and it won’t be easy to beat him.

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