On Android and iOS came out free mobile “The Witcher” with quests, battles, pumping and crafting

A free mobile The Witcher with quests, battles, props and crafting was released on Android and iOS

The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a free augmented reality game based on the “Witcher” universe, has been released on Android and iOS mobile devices. Before that, the project was in early access for a long time.

Unfortunately, the release was not without problems. At launch, players encountered a variety of bugs, including problems with the issuance of experience and items, as well as with the pumping of levels. Now the developers have all fixed.

Gameplay project is similar to the Pokemon GO. As the Witcher, players will have to move around the real world, fight various monsters and fulfill the story quests. The game is free, but it has microtransactions. Real money can be used to purchase crafting resources and consumables, including potions and bombs.

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