The Scream 2022 as The Greatest Premier in Horror Industry

Already in 2022, we will be able to hear the terrifying phrase “Hello, Sidney!” again. There is no doubt that you perfectly remember where this phrase comes from. Yes, it is a new Scream!

New With Well Known Old – Scream 2022

So, the picture will be the fifth version of the famous horror series. But at the same time, this picture will not receive numbers in its title. This, in turn, gently hints at a reboot of the entire franchise and it is obvious due to the new team of filmmakers. But at the same time, all the "olds" of the main cast, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, participate in the project. Plus, there will be newcomers in the project, who, of course, do not look so bright against the background of the "old guard". Directed by Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillette, this film will be the first in the series not to be directed by Wes Craven, who died in 2015. The film is scheduled to premiere in January 2022, but there are already many speculations regarding this picture.

The Brief Summary of the Plot

The events that will be discussed in this thriller are set in a small town called Woodsboro. As you remember, a ruthless maniac once made a lot of horror things here. He preferred not to reveal his identity and hide his face under a white mask, and a long black cover was also his constant attribute. He drove fear and horror into locals and his actions made their blood run cold. Despite all the cunning and resourcefulness of the ruthless killer, he was exposed. However, the bloody actions did not end in this place. In the district, there was someone who copied his behavior. But this time everything is as similar as possible to what has happened before.

A woman named Sidney Prescott, whom we remember well from the old part, will have to remember the dark past again and return to her hometown. She will not only have to remember all the horror of the past, but also experience it once again. She will be forced to face a merciless murder and to defend not only herself but the other victims. A fearless woman begins an independent investigation and finds out shocking information. Despite all the doubts, flashbacks from memory, and well-known fears, she realizes that she must find out who the killer is and stop him. Or her…

Is It Worth To Watch Scream 2022 and What Is So Special

This part heralds something unexpected and intriguing, as the creators have repeatedly announced their new approach. In particular, this concerns the very first point of this film, namely the trailer. The creators of the picture stated that they spent a lot of time in order to create such a trailer that would make the viewer come to a false conclusion.

Agree, usually from most trailers, the ending of the film becomes obvious, and this is often traced in horror and thrillers. But this time the trailer is a real trap, the audience will not find any clues to who the killer is. Moreover, there are many scenes in the trailer that will deliberately lead the viewer to a false conclusion. Yes, this is something new in the film industry, and it only fuels interest in whether your conclusion coincides with the real ending of the film. It remains only to expect what such a marketing move with a trailer will lead to, but already the audience is talking about this around the world.

Will this part be a new life of the franchise? Such a promising tandem of filmmakers creates all the conditions for this. Well, it is possible to make a lot of predictions and assumptions, but they have no ground until we will see the premiere. All we have to do is wait for a novelty in the world of horror. And of course, you are welcome to watch the first parts to refresh your memory and then decide which part is more explosive.

Wrapping Up

Is Scream 2022 worth watching? There are no doubts that it’s worth your time! The horror industry hasn't had something so special for a long time, and this picture is a mix of the new with the old. Such mixes are always intriguing, and it is especially interesting how new directors will present a new part of the picture when the first parts were seen all over the world. It remains to wait quite a bit to make the final verdict.

Scream | Official Trailer (2022 Movie)

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