Is “Eternals” Has The Right To Get Your Time?

It's no secret that many are talking about the fact that Marvel has recently lost their positions and exciting plots. Undoubtedly, "The Avengers" set the bar high, and it would seem that the Marvel Universe will no longer surprise its viewers. However, the Eternals became a breath of fresh air for many fans, getting them excited and inspired. And there are some key reasons for this.

What Is So Special About  Eternals?

This movie is the biggest picture of the Marvel Universe. A distinctive feature of this film is that the director was Chloe Zhao, who is an Oscar winner. But what is remarkable is not that she is an Oscar winner, but that her previous pictures are significantly different from Marvel’s style. How did this affect the movie and the familiar world of Marvel? The unexpected thing is not only in the new director but also in the fact that recently the fans are already a little disappointed with Marvel. So, Eternals are expected to be pretty special – let's discuss it in more detail.

The Brief Summary of the Plot Without Any Spoiler

How will Marvel surprise its viewers this time? This time, viewers will definitely be able to be surprised, as many unusual things await them. Once upon a time, the Eternals flew to Earth. FYI, Eternal are beings that are endowed with supernatural abilities, and they never get old. But of course, their super ability is not only that they never age. 
The Eternals are engaged in protecting humanity from the Deviants secretly from people. They cannot interfere in conflicts with people, and all they can do for thousands of years is to watch what is happening to humanity and watch how people kill each other.

Eternals seem to be no different from humans and must live a similar life. But in connection with earthquakes, Deviant comes into the world who has tremendous power. The Eternals have to reunite to save humanity from the apocalypse and to do everything to combat Deviant.

This time, viewers will be faced with a new style of storytelling. And this film will be more like a study of historical segments than a lot of action and fights. Hence, there are some dynamic scenes too.

Is It Worth Spending Your Time Watching Eternal?

This picture has generated a lot of different reviews and it can really confuse those in doubt. What is so special about this film? This is where you will really notice the director change and feel the edits if you are a fan of Marvel films.

Chloe Zhao had a great impact on the picture. Her style is distinguished by the presence of moments of grounding, naturalism, and silence. But there won't be as many atypical scenes for Marvel as many expected. Perhaps even in vain, because such an atypical style is truly mesmerizing. Therefore, many will notice scene transitions. We can say that the scenes of the film are balancing on the verge of an author's project and a blockbuster. And of course, viewers will be able to enjoy the typical humor from the characters and light flirting with a special charm.

Is this movie worth watching? Even if you are not a fan of Marvel, there is no doubt that this picture will give you a pleasant time. It is worth noting the awesome cast, which is truly amazing. This film will please viewers with world-class celebrities. It is worth noting the acting performance of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Kit Harington.

If you have only seen the reviews and watched the trailer so far, then you should not rely on the latter. Many people note that the trailer caused a pessimistic attitude towards the film and after watching the film, the opinion is changing dramatically.

Eternals are a nice set of pretty archetypal characters. Also, this picture will surprise viewers with the manner of presentation, since there will be a lot of explanations and a little fewer dynamics. This approach adds a special charm to the picture.

The Final Verdict

Should you watch the Eternals? Despite the controversial reviews, this picture is worth the attention of those who are ardent fans of Marvel and those who just want to enjoy graphics, action, and something new from Marvel. We can safely say that the film is underestimated, but it still comes with a touch of something authorial and slightly different from previous Marvel films. Perhaps soon, fans will be able to enjoy the balance and consistency between Marvel's vision and the director's artistic style. In any case, it is worth spending an evening with the Eternals team.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser

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