Rose Island Review

With its gorgeous sunshine and high energy, Rose Island may have the characteristics of Italy however, it is perfectly into the tradition of imaginative British comedy that was pioneered by Ealing Studios and carried on by such actors as Bill Forsyth. Sydney Sibilia's based-on-a-true-story flick centres on idealistic underdogs set against uncaring bureaucracy in pursuit of a crazy dream. It's not going to reach levels of movie like Passport to Pimlico or the Local Hero but it does have enough winning charm and awe to keep you entertained.

Rose Island

The dreamer of Rose Island who is hapless can be described as Giorgio Rosa (Elio Germano) An engineer with lots of talent , but not much luck. His nifty self-designed car has him detained for driving without a licence and his lover of his life, Gabriella (The Undoing's Matilda De Angelis) is getting married to someone else because Giorgo seems to be "risky". "You need to be risky to make a difference in your world" responds Giorgio, enthusiastically describing the movie's theme in dialogue. A encounter with a poster for an oil rig ignites the biggest danger of all that is the thought of creating an island of steel, six miles from the shores of Rimini and to become an independent country as a separate entity.

It is shot with a smile that is contagious.

From this simple but fun concept, the screenplay of Sibilia plays in a predictable but entertaining manner; Giorgio has to assemble an unruly, friendly group of oddballs to assist himout: engineer Maurizio (Leonardo Lidi) as well as Club director Neumann (Tom Wlaschiha) and a pregnant barkeeper Franca (Violetta Zironi) — who is hoping to bear the country's first child as well as Pietro (Alberto Astorri) an electrician who happens to stumble to the island. Also as the island sets off as a destination for parties, Giorgio has to face the fury of the demoralized Italian authorities, who want to dismantle his idyllic life by using official and unofficial (sending agents to invade the island, and threatening Giorgio's father and warships) channels. Much of the screen time is spent on the red tape argy-bargy with cases ranging through the UN up to Council Of Europe and even the Vatican however, often these meetings feel like being in the water for a while until the showdown.

Yet, Germano makes for a memorable hero, and the movie is filled with a glee that is an infectious. Like its protagonist it takes a very few risks, however Rose Island is a colourful beautiful, captivating, and entertaining place that you can stay in for several hours.


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