Switchblade Sisters Review

Since his time behind the Video Archives counter, Quentin Tarantino has been a fan and admirer of Jack Hill oeuvre. In the store , he showed copy-catalogs of Hill's 1975 masterpiece Switchblade Sisters for his more knowledgeable customers. By lending his name on the re-release, he's doing the same thing but on a bigger scale. This is a smart move from the most coveted writer in Hollywood, Elmore Leonard prose.

Hill who had a huge success with blaxploitation stalwarts Coffy as well as Foxy Brown, has lent his talents for action-packed trash-flash comedy to this story of girls with flicks (knives that are). Lace (Lee) has the role of head of the sisters, leading the group that includes such people such as Patch (Gale) along with Donut (Bruce). Lace is the primary snob of the tough-guy Dominic (Asher Brauner) the leader of the Silver Daggers street gang. But the status quo of romance changes as newly arrived Maggie (Nail) joins her debut and is changing the face of big Dom. But, tensions among the Daggers and an gang rivalled by a person dubbed Crabs (don't you simply love the names?) can lead to Dominic being flogged off at the local roller-rink (it was the 70s , remember). This leaves the brand new Maggie in a spirited and stunning performance that is Girl Power – to rally the girls, eliminate the ineffective guys and overcome her issues through Lace.

Proto-feminist statement or a simple twist of the gang-film genre? The latter is more likely in all honesty, with some lovely touches from veteran Hill and a generally snarky approach that attempts to mask the flaws in the comparatively poor performances. Much like the majority of things that fall into the ever-growing trend of the 70s, it's kitsch , and it's enjoyable however in a somewhat limited manner.

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