I'm Your Woman Review

I'm Your Woman — an Amazon Prime original movie starring the streaming service's most popular Rachel Brosnahan (of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) The filmit appears at first to be a movie that is exclusively geared towards the Maisel viewers. From its pink and loopy cursive title sequence, to the first shots of blonde Jean (Brosnahan) as an upscale housewife wearing a flowing magenta dress and large sunglasses, we are shown an attractive, well-dressed woman from the 1970s and think that this movie is just another fun exercise to watch Brosnahan move around in retro-styled clothes.

There's an intriguing bait and switch in I'm Your Girl and it's a bit early and pulls Jean off her bed in the early hours of the morning which forces her to abandon her previous life to follow her new life. A plot devised by her husband -the career criminal Eddie (Bill Heck) is believed to have gone horribly wrong, and she's abruptly thrown to the world of real life and taken to the streets with no information on the events. In this setting, she encounters an unidentified bodyguard named Cal (Arinze Kene), who is assigned to guard her from unknown forces, evidently looking to get revenge of some kind. But the threat Jean confronts due to her husband's behavior and the mystery behind the incident — is considered to be equally important as the journey inside that the terrified homewife is now forced to take. Although the film is gorgeously lensed is, it's not just a gimmick.

The unpredictable nature of the story is one of its strengths and provides unexpected twists at every turn.

Brosnahan has plenty to share with her character: wide-eyed innocence the struggles of domesticity and motherhood, and finally bravery in a circumstance that requires more from her than she's ever required. This may be a generalized portrayal of a woman who is on the edge but she is a master of making it vulnerable in the way it requires. Jean isn't a solo woman prior to this and she confesses that her husband was not a fan to allow her to drive And his vast lies are becoming more apparent. In order to free herself from her dependence on him she is put through a test with fire, assisted by the mysterious Cal and his partner, Teri (Marsha Stephanie Blake) They start to demonstrate to her what a relationship of adulthood is really like.

The unpredictable nature of the story is one of its strengths in the film, which relies on Jean's inexperience with Eddie's work to create surprises at every point. Filmmaker Julia Hart (Fast Color, another tale of a woman who is on the run) presents a strangely cozy version of a classic crime caper that makes I'm Your Woman a satisfying film that leaves an impression.

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