Exclusive: New Trailer From Godzilla Coming February 7

Fans of Godzilla won’t have to wait any longer for a new trailer, they’re lucky enough as the next trailer release is just around the corner. The trailer is expected to drop online on February 7. Godzilla opens in theaters on May 15 starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston. Make sure to check back right here to be the first to catch the trailer. Meanwhile check out the first teaser trailer below:

49 thoughts on “Exclusive: New Trailer From Godzilla Coming February 7

  1. Many of you must realize that none of us bloggers are obligated to reveal our news sources to you. It’s wrong to ask us to do so. If you don’t trust our news, so what? Go write your own blogs, and make your own videos.

    • It is not wrong for us to ask you reveal a source, or at the very least to provide credible evidence. We are not saying you are obligated, of course you are not obligated. Want to be taken seriously? Then provide credible evidence. “Go write your own blogs, and make your own videos.” What a childish unprofessional response.

  2. For everyone who is calling this bullshit you can check these trailer announcements we’ve made in the past and they were 100 % exact. https://emileeid.com/2013/11/11/first-trailer-from-noah-releasing-on-november-14/ https://emileeid.com/2014/01/16/new-poster-from-300-rise-of-an-empire-ahead-of-new-trailer-next-week/


  3. well okay, you were right its just when it comes to Godzilla we deal with trolls. I consider your posting of the past twitter tweets as proof, it would be nice to also hear it from the studio-also you wouldn’t happen to know what movie it’ll be with? Personally i’d be happy with anything except Vampire Academy. And if you had any other info that it’d be cool too.

    • Yes I hope so too, the thing is it’s not in my hands sometime the studio suddenly decide to postpone the release last year it happened with les miserables the trailer was postponed almost 2 months but that wont happen this time. Anyway I’ll keep u guys posted and oh a new trailer from winter’s tale is coming Jan 30, 10 am pst.

  4. It would be nice that on febraury 8th a lot of people should come here and say “thank you” and “I’m sorry, you were right”.

  5. This is true? I hope they show footage of Godzilla from COMIC-CON 2013 in which they showed a Spider monster attacking an airport and also showing Godzilla’s foot.

  6. I’m not calling BS but a lot of sites like cosmic book news and Kpop stars don’t believe you. Zennie Abraham says you shouldn’t have to offer any proof but maybe a link to where this info could be found?

  7. According to my sources the trailer is going to be attached to Robocop and as many of u may not know it opens one week early in some territories. Will keep you posted once everything is confirmed with the trailer launch timing.

  8. A few other updates: The trailer is still holding the same date for now, however a new trailer from Edge Of Tomorrow is expected to drop also mid February as well as the first trailer from Tammy, details coming soon.

  9. That’s one of the “most stupidiest” things ever. If you’re the Josh I think you are I’m sure you asked to Legendary WB a release date for the first trailer… and I’m sure they didn’t confirme even the december date! And WB and Legendary doesn’t have a common PR office. Wb is in charge of main promotion and Lebanese movie guide HAS a PARTNERSHIP with WB. What do you need more?

  10. A lot of people are going to be disappointed if there’s no trailer this Friday. Please give us an update. The trailer is 4 days away.

  11. Okay so I have some updates but not really any good updates, the trailer is not coming this Friday (I’m not the one who made that decision and I am not making this up, and I am not asking you to believe me) however the trailer has a neg date of Feb 14 which mean it will be ready by that time. Why this happened the previous trailer was not approved by filmmakers. I also saw an exclusive preview from the Into The Storm trailer, looks epic twister meets Cloverfield. No date set for that trailer but it was just a teaser. Another update is that the new trailer from Edge of Tomorrow is confirmed for release with 300: Rise Of An Empire. Online should be March 3. And for everyone asking me to reveal my source, it’s highly unethical to do that.

    • I live in Venezuela and Robocop premieres this Friday, that means we dont get the new trailer and just the first one attached?

  12. You’ve been vindicated everyone go to Godzilla movies they’ve got two very short clips from the next trailer and yes it’ll be next week. everyone calling BS needs to kiss Emile’s butt.

  13. “oh fuck you haters weve been right the whole time, weve got trailer dates correct”

    well guess what, there is no godzilla trailer today. Fuck you motherfucker! You have no reliable source!

  14. This should be the final update, I saw the new trailer, it’s narrated by Bryan Cranston, he goes on to say that there’s something not being told, and that they’re hiding something etc, etc, the first couple of shots are of a half destroyed city. Another shot shows people on the roof firing flares on presumably Godzilla, since we don’t see who they actually hit. There was some shots of several aircraft falling into the ocean … and the final shot reveals the face of Godzilla and a door closes right in front of it, they are still barely showing any footage of him even that this is the main trailer it feels like a teaser. And it’s supposed to be released on February 27 time TBC.

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