20 New Stills From Oblivion Starring Tom Cruise

Today we’re happy to release this exclusive set of images from Joseph Kosinski’s next sci-fi film Oblivion, which is one of our most anticipated movies this year. Judging by the trailers the film seems to be one hell of an action-packed sci-fi ride starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko and Melissa Leo. Oblivion opens in Lebanon on April 11. Check out the new stills below: 2417_D021_00044_R_S_CROP 2417_D045_00081_R_S_CROPV2 2417_D071_00098_R_S 2417_D072_00163_RV2_S_CROP 2417_D072_00198_R_S_CROP 2417_FPT_00013R 2417_FPT_00015R 2417_FPT_00248R 2417_FPT_00334R 2417_FPT_00344R 2417_FPT_00349R 2417_FPT_00363R 2417_FPT_00402R 2417_FPT_00428R 2417_FPT2_00044R 2417_FPT2_00103R 2417_FPT2_00126R 2417_FPT2_00161R 2417_FPT3_00138R 2417_TPI_00032R

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