Megan Fox Re-teams With Michael Bay For Ninja Turtles [Updated]

Megan Fox SliceMichael Bay has just announced on his website that Megan Fox is set to lead the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie, which is rumored to begin production this April. Bay posted the following statement: TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family! It’s an unusual announcement given their history and knowing that Bay usually gives a little more insight to his announcements. This is still a smart move from Bay who has just guaranteed a strong box office performance for his movie. Fox’s role is yet unspecified but it’s rumored that she could be playing the role of the reporter April O’Neil. More casting details after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter now confirms Megan Fox is set to takeover the lead role in the film as April O’Neil, and the she managed to beat Jane Levy, Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Olsen who all were in the run for the lead role. Furthermore casting is currently underway and word is that filmmakers are currently looking for unknown actors to play the Ninja Turtles through motion-capture.

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