Nathalie Portman To Star In Jane Got A Gun

Gorgeous actress Nathalie Portman is filling up her schedule, already attached to THOR 2 and two projects from director Terrence Mallick, it seems that she has signed on to star in a Western movie titled JANE GOT A GUN, while I’m not the biggest fan of Western flicks I am pretty excited to see Portman in every role she would be portraying, as she proofed her self as one of the best actresses in Hollywood these days. The film is set to be directed by Lynne Ramsay with a script from Brian Duffield, the story centers on a woman whose outlaw husband returns home barely alive and riddled with bullet wounds. She is forced to reach out to an ex-lover and ask if he will help defend her farm when her husband’s gang eventually tracks him down to finish the job. Make sure to head back here for more production details and casting calls on the project.

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